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Hi. We’re The Escape OKC and we have live escape rooms. What happens in an escape room? First, we lock you and your team in a room for up to an hour. Then you have to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape the room before the time is up. Simple… right?




Your team of up to seven players will be “locked” in a room for one hour. Inside the room are clues to find and puzzles to solve. It’ll take quick thinking and a lot of teamwork. Objective: Beat the game before time runs out!

We have five different games to choose from, each with a unique theme that put you in the center of a compelling story. Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a spy, or a crime scene investigator. Now’s your chance to be the hero!

Your escape experience will never have to be shared with strangers. Lots of other escape rooms have you play with people you don’t know, but we don’t think that makes for the best game.

Safety is our top priority. The doors to our games don’t really lock and we’ll let you out for a debrief after an hour, win or lose. Our spacious escape rooms don’t have anything that will jump out at you, and we are wheelchair accessible.

Ready to start your adventure? Our rooms are just $24 per person for groups up to 7! Look over our selection of rooms ︎ here or book your experience ︎ here.



Wed - Thurs: 4pm - 10pm
Fri - Sun: 11am - 10pm
Mon - Tues: Closed

A reckless corporation threatens to destabilize the economy. Hack past their cyber-security to expose their dark agenda.

Perfect For:
First-Timers, Video Gamers, Code-Breakers, Tech Junkies, Anyone Who Moonlights as a Hacker


2-7 Players


4 Lasers

A mad scientist plans to poison the city. Delve into his crazed conspiracy and extract the antidote.

Perfect for:
First Timers, Families, Gamers, Kinesthetic Learners, Mad Scientists


2-7 Players

30% Escape

10 Mystery Vials

A fellow spy has blown your cover. Follow ingenious clues down a path of espionage, diplomacy, and betrayal.

Perfect for:
Puzzle Solvers, Families, Code-Breakers, Classic Game Enthusiasts, Wannabe Spies


2-7 Players

25% Escape

1 Game of Chess

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