Ahoy, mateys! You’re a pirate on the high seas, living the seafaring life, enjoying the salty air and even saltier crew. But back at the last port, you overheard the captain bragging that he was keeping extra loot for himself! After setting sail, you very calmly took a sword to the captain’s throat and demanded your share of the treasure, but for some reason the other rum-brain crew members didn’t like that! You and your buddies were thrown in the brig, so you have to make your great escape and find the captain’s hidden hoard along the way!

Tides of Treason will test your powers of observation and cunning. This game takes players aboard a seafaring pirate ship and contains immersive elements, such as swords and skeletons, that may be scary to some younger players.

Closed toed shoes required. No high heels.


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